Texel x Romney (1/2x1/2 and 1/4x3/4)

These sheep were bred by crossing top Texel rams over stud Romney ewes specially selected for their clean shoulders and stretchy frame. We are now breeding them as a stabilized cross as well, and find the sheep are even better.

The result are strong, upstanding sheep with the terrific depth and hindquarter characteristic of the Texel, and with the structural soundness and constitution of the Romney. The lambs produced grow like mushrooms, with the meat coming in the back end early - it is easy to spot the Texel-Romney lambs in the mob when we shift them.

We use Texel rams sourced from Brian Howden near Waikoikoi in Southland, and select meaty sound rams.

We also have 3/4 Romney x 1/4 Texel rams available. These are ideal for those who want to stabilise their flocks at around 1/4 Texel, and are also suitable for farmers wanting to put just a little bit of Texel into their sheep. We've found the best way of breeding these is to put really thick Texel x Romney ewes back to a top Romney ram.