Kikitangeo South

We purchased 70 ewes at Gordon Levett's Kikitangeo dispersal sale in 2021, and a further 60 2ths in 2022. Kikitangeo Romneys have been bred for worm and parasite resistance for over 40 years.

These ewes, together with a small group of good Meadowslea Romney ewes, have formed the foundation stock of our new Kikitangeo South prefix.

They were mated to top worm-resistance rams and have been run under the same unshepherded regimen all our sheep are subjected to.

The progeny were left undrenched in the 2021-22 season, during a period of extremely high worm challenge.

We now have the second line of rams for sale that have never required drenching in their lives, to be offered in our 2023 Ram Sale on Thursday, November 30th.