kelso. Terminal

These hill-bred blackfaced terminal sires are proving incredibly successful both in terms of ram sales, but more importantly in the results they are delivering for clients.

Formerly known as kelso. Rangers, these were bred on the hill from the get-go. Kelso started with a good hill country ewe flock, and purchased top sires from various different meat breeds over a number of years.

These rams were joined with the ewes on the hill, and the best of the progeny retained every year as part of an intensive performance recording and genetic selection programme.

If rams couldn't climb the hill or their feet packed up then their genes would obviously not be passed on. If their lambs didn't survive storms or the ewes didn't feed them they would also be eliminated. The result is the kelso. Terminal - sheep that can climb the hill, are right on their feet and can perform in tough conditions.

The sheep themselves are solid, thick and very meaty. The lambs have "get up and go", are determined survivors, grow rapidly and finish quickly. They have good black faces and we are breeding them darker every year.

We sell as many of these rams than anything else - they do well for all sheep farmers, from coastal cropping operations to high country Merino farmers who need a terminal sire.