2021 Southern Ram Sale

Posted: 24 January 2021

2021 southern ram sale 120x63

12th February, Grant Bros Property, Croydon, Gore.

Following the successful ram sale we held at the 2020 Southern Field Days, we are holding a sale in Southland on February 12th.

We will offer 50 Kelso Terminal rams plus an elite selection of our Romney, Romdale, Texel x Romney, Perendale x Texel x Romney, Kelso x Romney and Kelso Maternal rams.


The sale will be open on the Yourbid platform through the Meadowslea website www.meadowslea.co.nz, and run from February 7th until February 12th, with a scheduled close of 4pm.

The rams will be available for viewing during the week, and will be penned up in a tent outside the woolshed on the day.

Food and drink will be available, with the Crusaders vs Highlanders pre-season game live on the big screen afterwards.

We are really looking forward to coming back to Southland, where so many of our clients are based!