2023 Embryo Catalogue

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We have an exciting selection of embryos flushed out of cows who have lasted the 10 years on our hill country, sired by a variety of established and exciting new bulls!

Xcell Breeding Services offer an option to NZ clients to provide recipient cows and implantation services, only charging for those cows that scan pregnant, with the purchaser owning the recipients afterwards. Price is depending on the store cattle market in the spring. This is on top of the purchase price of the embryos.
For example, if you were to buy 5 embryos and achieve 3 pregnancies, you would pay Meadowslea for the 5 embryos, but only pay Xcell for 3 the pregnant recipients. 

Embyros Available:

Lot 159:  Meadowslea G1000 x Kincardine Rainstorme R25: 6 Embryos (NZ only)

Lot 160:  Meadowslea G1000 x Kincardine Rainstorme R25: 6 Embryos (NZ only)

Lot 161:  Meadowslea G895 x Kincardine Rainstorme R25: 5 Embryos (NZ / Australia)

Lot 162:  Meadowslea G895 x Kincardine Rainstorme R25: 5 Embryos (NZ / Australia)

Donor Cows:

Meadowslea G1000

New Zealand's record price 10-year-old cow

Sold to Ballanee Angus Australia $16,050



G1000 was the standout cow of her year group and is one of our all-time favourites. She sold in our 2020 female sale to Ballanee Angus in Australia. She is a bigger-framed cow with exceptional EMA and fats which are being strongly inherited by all her descendants. She scanned with the biggest EMA and the second highest IMF% of her year group.

She is the dam of M564, our stud sire retained in 2018, who is a semen sire in this sale. M564 still holds the record for the biggest EMA we have ever scanned and passes this on to all his progeny. His EMA is now +9.1 and IMF +2.2

She is also the grandam of Meadowslea Q250 who is also a semen sire in this sale with an EMA of +6.0 and IMF +3.0

G1000 has a powerful pedigree being a daughter of the high performing Glanworth 08-16, whose daughters have proven to be some of the best cows in the herd with superb soundness and longevity. Her maternal pedigree line goes back to the well-known sires Stern Exact and Hingaia 469.

G1000 has exceptional figures for an 11-year-old cow with all her growth EBVs ranking in the top 10% for the breed in NZ. Her proven fertility traits are strong and she has the unusual combination of growth, rib and rump fats and proven exceptional EMA all in the top 10% for the breed.

Her embryos sired by Rainstorme are a very exciting prospect and we think almost the perfect mating. Rainstorme will double up on G1000’s exceptional EMA, with his own at +9.4 and his mothers’s at +11, both ranking in the top 2% for the breed. He brings calving ease with lower birth weight and his efficient low mature cow weight, to give the progeny an exciting potential data set with great soundness and longevity.

Meadowslea G895



Meadowslea G895 was also sold as a 10-year cow in our record breaking 2021 Female Sale to Ballanee Angus in Australia. She is another outstanding daughter of Glanworth 08 -16 who bred so many of our top breeding cows.

She has a strong maternal pedigree, being the daughter of another great old cow D056. D056 was the top priced 10-year-old cow in our inaugural Female Sale in 2017, selling to Linnburn Station for $5,500. D056 was an exceptional breeding cow who shows up in many of our top cattle pedigrees, including as the great-grandam of our stud sire K703 who is a semen sire in this catalogue.

G895 has bred consistently well including K924, a son of Turihaua Crump we used in the stud and later sold to Greg Hand at $9,500 and S506 who was a top son of L226 and sold in our 2023 bull sale at lot 48

She has exceptional fertility traits with a very good scrotal and short days to calving in the top 10% for the breed. Her easy doing rib and rump fats rank in the top 5% for the breed and her efficient moderate cow weight ensures she generates a good Self-replacing Index.

Her embryos sired by Rainstorme are an exciting prospect and his EMA will compliment her figures and double up on many of her great attributes including longevity, and exceptional easy doing ability