This year's line up is the largest we have ever offered.

They display the type and carry the genes.  

We have proven to be the most productive and profitable on our hill country and more importantly on our clients' properties.

Our 2 most proven sires dominate the line-up again this year and between them, their sons and grandsons account for 43 of the 63 Bulls on offer.



Crump was purchased at the Beef Expo national Angus sale in Fielding in 2011, for $21,000.

He had been the standout performer in the NZ Angus bull evaluation unit prior to the sale. His impressive performance was matched by a deep, thick, traditional New Zealand hill country phenotype, he has passed all these attributes to his progeny as well.

His daughters have proven to be impressively fertile, have bred and calved very well, and the first crop of their sons are a feature of the sale this year as well. His sons are consistently very deep and thick, with great hindquarters and very good skin and coat. 8 sons appear in the catalogue this year, along with 14 grandsons. 


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He was born in 2010, and retained in the stud as a two year old. 

He himself was descended from numerous other home-bred sires that had performed very well both at Meadowslea and at various clients properties,  his grand-sire Meadowslea 70 was re-purchased back from Hawkdun Station St Bathans after doing outstandingly well there for several seasons.

Meadowslea F540 is a tremendously thick, solid bull and he was the outstanding yearling of his year. Bred out of a two-year heifer, he was the heaviest calf at weaning in the entire herd. He continued to thrive, being the heaviest bull at 400 days, at which time ultrasound scanning showed he had the best eye muscle area, and largest rib and rump fat measurements in the mob, as well as the largest scrotal circumference.

F 540 has bred very consistently, his progeny being very easy-doing and meaty, with exceptional proven performance. 10 of his sons and 11 grandsons are for sale this year, his sons having been highly sought-after in previous sales.

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Is the Son of F540 we used him as a yearling before he was sold for stud to Earnscleugh Station for $17.000 in our 2015 sale.

He was bred exceptionally well with 6 sons in this sale plus another we are retaining - L226.

His figures have continued to improve as more of his progeny perform at the highest level. He now sits in the top 20% of the breed for calfing ease and 400-day growth, while his rib and rump fats and milk are in the top 5% of the breed and he is a trait leader for scrotal size!

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