Meadowslea Romney

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After more than 80 years breeding pure romneys and the last 20 years of lambing totally unshepherded Meadowslea decided to introduce new breeds options for clients.

The 1200 Meadowslea Romney stud ewes were split in half. The 600 elite ewes most suitable for breeding the modern easy care Romney are mated to the highest performing Romney rams available. The remaining 600 are mated to best advantage to some of the new exotic breeds as well as the Perendale.

Exciting new breed Kelso Romney. Top Kelso Maternal rams mated to top Meadowslea Stud Romney ewes. All progeny carry Myomax Gene plus high incidence of Worm Resistance Gene.

Elite high performance Romneys – High Fertility with proven Survival.

Only the top 25% on S.I.L performance records for sale. From very high fertility ewes bearing top lambs off tussock every year (through 40cm snow in 2003).

  • Compact, well muscled, deep bodied sheep
  • Easy going attributes with high growth
  • 80 years selection for structural soundness.

½ Romney x ½ Perendale (Romdale) – Romdales showing easy going attributes 
High fertility Perendale stud rams mated with unshepherded Romney Stud Ewes. ( Also Romney x Perendale x Texel, available in limited numbers).

  • Strong hind quarters and spring of rib
  • Plenty of vigour with good fertility.


½ Romney x ¼ Perendale x ¼ Texel
Impressive sheep with very easy doing attributes Robust and vigourous for the hardest country Deep bodied and powerful hind-quarter


½ Romney x ½ Texel - These are very impressive sheep
Bred by mating a high fertility Texel over good stretchy Romney stud ewes.

  • Exceptional muscling from the Texel
  • Hardiness and Survival from both the Romney and Texel
  • Easy care from our unshepherded hill bred Romney Ewes.


Half Romney Half Kelso


Kelso Terminal - hill breed sire - These impressive sheep have been bred and developed unshepherded on steep hill country.
They sire lambs with exceptional survival, hardiness and explosive growth rates.
The Rangers incorporate a number of different breeds and have been bred using the latest DNA gene technology:

  • High survival and hardiness (cold tolerance gene)
  • Increased meat and yield (Myomax gene)
  • Footrot resistance (DNA scoring)
  • Worm resistance (Wormstar)

Meadowslea have purchased Ranger Ewes and have become a Franchise holder with the Kelso Wrightson Group. We have lambed Rangers this year unshepherded on our Berridale tussock block and have recently tailed and weighed lambs. They are exceptional lambs with the singles averaging 20.5kg and the twins 17.5kg at 6 weeks age.

We will have 2 tooth rams available this year and ram lambs available next autumn.


Kelso Hill Bred Maternal - 170% Lambing
Proven high performance sheep that run unshepherded on our tussock. The next generation with improved structural soundness, incorporating the latest in DNA Gene Technology. Meadowslea is the new South Canterbury Franchisee for Kelso Maternal.